COVID-19 - UPDATE (2021)

COVID-19 - Summer 2021

United Kingdom and Northern Ireland

Please note, we are very much processing and despatching orders within the UK/NI at this time and have been doing right from the very start of the pandemic.

For as long as the Royal Mail continues to accept and deliver items, then as an Internet retailer, we are very much still open for business.

The Royal Mail can be stretched at the moment, though many of their earlier issues have been resolved, however, please be aware that delivery times may well be extended, though we will message you on the day your order has been shipped by ourselves, so you will know it's on it's way to you.


International Orders: Europe and Rest of the World

We ARE currently dispatching orders to addresses within Europe and Worldwide.

However, there will inevitably be a delay with the arrival of your order, as all overseas delivery services are impacted by the current virus pandemic and items leaving the UK by air, or road, are subject to inevitable delays.

If, we have any issues with the delivery of your order, we will contact you before processing and shipment.