McLaren Road Car limited - IMPORTANT NOTICE

We have been asked by McLaren Automotive to remove our pictures of their current MP4-12C road car since they feel you might assume they had been authorised by McLaren themselves as official products and that we are infringing various design rights.

We don't agree, as it's an artist's own cartoon creation of the McLaren car drawn in his unique style, but they are much bigger and far richer than us, and to be honest the drawing has not been overly popular, since the car is in a very niche market with some major competition in a young person's eyes!

Wicked Artz is intended as a piece of fun, to be enjoyed by car enthusiasts of all ages, but cars such as the McLaren do tend to be purchased by 8-13 year olds as pictures to go on their bedroom wall. So if you want a real supercar, look in our Bugatti, Lamborghini, Ferrari or Pagani sections where you will continue to find some of the worlds most sought after cars all in the unique Wicked Artz style.